Jane Birkin: jean genie

Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin

I know it’s mega-predictable to swoon over Jane Birkin’s style, but how perfect are these jeans? Just high and fitted enough on the waist to provide a shapely silhouette, without getting into that hideous belly-framing territory, while also having a leg that is both slim and flattering.

I’ve never been one to give denim pride of place in my wardrobe – I mean really, why is everyone so obsessed with jeans? It’s usually more trouble than it’s worth finding a cut that looks good (do not even get me started on skinny jeans being worn by so many and suited to so few), but I must admit I’m swayed by this just-slim, hip-hugging cut (see MiH’s Halsy Vintage ’90s fit for further confirmation). They’re the perfect foil to a metallic jumper, printed jacket and a load of brash jewellery (worn all together, obv) without any of that ‘I’m drowning in my boyfriend’s jeans’ bullshit, not to mention unfortunate arse-sagging.

And it just so happens I’ve tracked down the perfect pair for £35 at Topshop. Do not be alarmed by the name or look of the shot on site; they sit quite high and slim on the waist and when you un-pick those unnecessary turn-ups, are (on me) a brilliant leg-lengthening, ankle-grazing length.

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